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All reservation are based on a specific vehicle category in case of not availability for an confirmed reservation Dirt-motos reserves the right to offer a vehicle of similar or bigger category to the customer with no extra charge.

Minimum age is 21 years for scooter, 23 years for ATV, 25 years for Buggy.
Minimum age for cars (except Premium, Luxury & Special) is 23years.
Minimum age for Premium, Luxury & Special cars are 25 years. 

The Driver is required to have and display a valid Driver’s License issued at least a year ago. Citizens of Non-EU countries are required to have a valid international Driver’s License along with their regular Driver’s License. 

Renter received vehicle, which he examined and found it to his complete satisfaction, in perfect condition and appropriate for the purpose he rents it. Renter must return vehicle and all documents, tools and accessories that accompany it to the Lessor in the same condition he received it at the location and the date designated in this agreement. Otherwise and upon expiration of the rental period, Renter will be obliged to pay to the Lessor the normal rental charge plus expenses for any loss or damage. The Lessor reserves the right to gain repossession and use of vehicle at any time without notice and without Renter’s consent, but at Renter’s expense, from wherever and by any means if at the discretion of the Lessor there is danger of damage or loss of vehicle as well as risk of not receiving the rental charge or any other due compensation. The Lessor has the right besides the above mentioned case to gain repossession and use of vehicle if it has been used in violation of this agreement or of designated rental period. 
Delivery and Receipt out of working hours : Charge 25€


For all groups a valid Credit Card accepted by Dirt-motos, must be shown for the pre-authorization of the renter’s liability as well as the settlement of final rental charge (for non-prepaid reservations). 


Upon pick up of the vehicle, Dirt-motos will preauthorize an amount from the Driver’s Credit Card as a deposit for guarantee which will be fully refunded at the end of the rental, provided no other charge arise. Please note that the refund can take up to 14 days, depending on the issuing bank of the Credit Card. The amount of the deposit varies according to the car group. Specifically:
Scooter, Moto  & ATV <250cc : €0 
Economy, Intermediate, Standard,  Full Size ,SUV Cars:€400
Buggy  Cars & ATV >250cc :€500 
Premium, Luxury, Special Cars : €1000
The above mentioned amounts can be adjusted  upon mutual agreement of Dirt-motos and the customer. 

The minimum rentals one day 24hours. Every hour in excess is calculated at 1/5 of the daily gate. For over three hours excess, the renter is charged with an additional daily rate.

If Renter wishes to prolong the rental period of vehicle the, he has to notify to the Lessor in whiting at least twenty four (24) hours before the end of the period to receive the respective written approval. If he fails to do so he will have both civil and penal liability for illegal use and possession of vehicle. In case of extension of rental Renter shall be bound by the terms and condition both of the initial agreement and the rental extension agreement, whether concerning the vehicle or any replacements therefor.  

All fines and administrative sanction which come from liability of the Driver are charge the renter.

Our vehicles are insured against third party. Physical damages and damage to the driver's liability are not covered.


The renter’s liability for damage to the rented vehicle, can be reduced, under the condition that the Greek Traffic Law is not violated.
The minimum charge of €250+ vat for groups Buggy, Cars & ATV <250cc by paying the amount of 5€  per day respectively.
The minimum charge of €300+vat 24% for groups Economy, Intermediate, Standard, Full Size Cars by paying the amount of  5€  per day respectively.
The minimum charge of €400+vat for groups buggy, Cars & ATV >250cc by paying the amount of 8€  per day respectively.
The minimum charge of €500+vat for groups Premium, Luxury, Special Cars by paying the amount of 10€  per day respectively.
The higher amounts can be adjusted upon agreement between Dirt-motos and the customer. 

It is also possible to fully discharge the liability (FDW) by paying a corresponding agreed amount in accordance with the company's current price list as well as theft protection in case the customer wishes

In case of any accident or any other incident (fire, theft, etc.), Renter or the additional driver(s) are obliged to immediately do the following: A: not acknowledge liability or guilty and claims of third parties in any way, direct or indirect, B. Note the names and the addresses of eye witnesses and also the name and the address of the driver and the data of the vehicle, with which vehicle may have collided. C. Notify the police to investigate the liability of the third party and provide care to any injures. D. Contact with the Lessor immediately by phone or other means (fax etc.) E. Obtain all relevant information from any third party. F. Photograph the location of the accident and the vehicles participating in the accident, if possible. Renter must complete and sing an accident/theft report latest within twenty four (24) at the nearest Lessor’s branch and send any relevant documents or information to the Lessor. In case of theft or loss vehicle Renter must repost the incident in writing at the nearest police department within twenty four (24) hours.

INCIDENT ADMINISTRATION FEE (IAF): In case of an accident due to the renter’s liability, renter has the obligation to pay a non-refundable fee of €15 to cover administration expenses. 
ADDITIONAL DRIVER/S: A charge of €5.00 per day has to be paid for each additional Driver. 

The renter is obliged to the vehicle with the same level of fuel upon collection. In case of returning the vehicle with less fuel the renter will be charged with the fuel difference. No refunds are for vehicles returned with more fuel.
BABY SEATS: Available on request with a daily charge of  €4. 

GPS: Available on request with a daily charge of  €8. 

Motorcycles, ATV’S, Buggies are allowed to carry one or two passengers. In case of third person in traced the vehicle will be taken from the customer and we will i╬╝pose a fine of 120€.

In case of helmet loss the charge is 60€.

Allowed only with prior written agreement with Dirt-motos. Please note that any damage to the vehicle in transit will be not covered by any insurance.

Road assistance due to malfunction of vehicle during working hours is free. During none of working hours the charge is 50€.

 All rates and charges in this brochure are subjected to V.A.T. 

Renter consents to the computer storage of his personal data. It is strictly agreed that the Lessor is authorized to use such data, when Renter at time of rental makes incorrect statements or violates the terms of this agreement and to pass on such data to the Country Authorities in case these is suspicion of committing a crime or other offence.

Dirt motos has information system for organization and for direct supervision of our vehicle


For cancellations   at least 7 days before the scheduled pickup of the vehicle there will not be any charge. For cancellations made later, the cancellation fee is equal to the amount paid upon confirmation of the reservation.